Monday, January 31, 2011

Witness The Return

The return of Assault Skateboards.

O.G. Assault logo circa 1989.

Assault ad from the archives featuring John Drake.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

And I Think It's Gonna Be A Long, Long Time

The man himself, Mark Gator Rogowski, Gator Mark Anthony.

Top view of Fishlips Gator model. His last pro model produced before all the shit went down.

Bottom view of a true period piece from the days of sparse graphics and good wood.

Side by side view. Pics lifted from here. Sorry.

The idea of pairing this song with this skater is the absolute intellectual property of the creators of 'Memory Screen'. All apologies.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eastbilt "Old School" Street Model

The Eastbilt 8.75" by 32" Street Model. Variable wheelbase of 14.25" or 15". Very subtle fish shape with tapered square tail. Should be arriving any day.

This shape from Powell is a close match to the Eastbilt shape.

Assault Skateboards

John Drake, Assault Skateboards ad circa 1989.

The man, the myth, the slamdancer, Ned Hadden.

Assault team rider Scott Ricks begins his nose-jam barrage at about the 1:22 mark. Go ahead, watch. I've got this one on VHS.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Duane Peters

The Master of Disaster throwing down a frontside boneless on a steep bank at Ollie's Skate Park, Florence, Kentucky, Augustd 2010.


Jef Hartsel I and I Style

The Santa Monica Airlines (World Industries) Jef Hartsel.

Jef Hartsel Element x Poetree collaboration.

Sure Grip International Eric Grisham

I don't know what to say about this one. My friend Nestle had one in 1986. It had a sticker on top instead of a graphic. Steadham rode for them.

Bartie and Peralta Decks

Chad Bartie 8.5" by 32.875" with 15.75" wheelbase.

The Stacy Peralta 'Hipster'.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Classic 'Caster' Shapes

The Caster Tom "Wally" Inouye.

Another all time favorite. Classic graphic, and one of the nicest dudes ever,Steve Steadham.

The 'Side G' from Skatepaige. An updated take on the classic shape.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jeff's Skateboard Page Looks At SkatePaige

In the quest to find a deck compatible with Independent 149's, I have been looking at several companies. Being broke as hell typically prevents me from buying brand name decks unless I can get them for a deal from one of friends. I look for quality and function while searching for a shape that will fit most skate situations. While I have two boards set up for park riding, I like to keep an 'all around' board set up. My choice for the last three years has been the Krooked Zig Zagger. I still have a brand new one in the closet, never set up. In looking for a new shape to break the monotony I ran across this...
8 7/8" x 32 3/4" 'Side-G' from SkatePaige. Classic Caster shape, 15" wheel base. I can see setting this beast up on 1/4" risers with 60mm wheels, preferably the Bones ATF that Marc gave me. This deck has a functional shape and looks to be perfect fit to my search for the best 'all around' board for me.

This is the 9" by 32 1/2" 'POOLBOY' by SkatePaige. Square tail with a rounded new school shape nose and a 15" wheelbase.

SkatePaige also stocks Indy Trucks, bearings, uncut blanks, and loose veneer sets to make your own boards.
Look for the 'Side-G' in action here on Jeff's Skateboard Page this Spring.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shape Shopping

The Eastbilt 'pool school' 8.5" by 32". Tapered nose similar to the Jason Jessee shape.

The Jason Jessee Powerply by Santa Cruz. 8.4" by 31.5".

Curb Slap Retrospective

Grom gets his grind on. Frontside edger late December 2007.

50/50 half man half shadow. Photo by E. Hope May 2008.

Backside curb slap with a heavy front foot. DIY 10 second timer shot August 2008.

Thank you, drive through. DIY 10 second timer October 2010.

The last curb slappie of 2010. NYE photo by Grom.

Eastbilt Street Model

8.75" x 32" with dual wheelbase of 14.25" or 15". Sold. Very similar to this shape.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mike Vallely

No comply to tail slide across the top of the bank ramp. The camera flash on the deck really sets it off.

Duane Peters Mastering Disastrous Situations

Duane Peters Master of Disaster. He skated everything in the park and threw down everything from Indy airs and layback reverts to boneless ones and shove its on the bank ramps. Here he is rolling fakie through the street area.

Duane throwing down a proper backside Bert slide.

Tight shot of Duane on the bank ramp.

Mike V. executes a perfect tailblock as DP rolls through.

Kristian Svitak

Cold Cleveland Team Insanity 10/31 Skate for life it's Kristian with an ollie from the low bank to high.

The American Nomad

Tall Boys of Budweiser, sweepers, layback grinds, and a style that can only be defined by the word 'original'. Bill Danforth.

The Nomad throwing down a Bert slide on the steep bank ramp.

Glory Bound Revisited

On August 7, 2010 Mike Vallely's Glory Bound Tour rolled through Ollie's Skatepark in Florence, KY. The following are the images of the incredible skateboarding that took place that day as seen through the lens of my wife Emily Hope's camera. Enjoy.
Mike taking a photo moment with the kids.

Master of Disaster Duane Peters rolls through as Mike tailblocks on the bank ramp.

Mike in the midst of a body varial caveman throwdown.

Mike ollie airwalk.

Mike V. classic no comply across the stair gap.

Glory Bound Revisited 2

Mike Vallely varial handplant on the bank ramp.

Mike scoring big style points drifting through a backside powerslide.

Duane Peters backside Bert slide.

Mike V. backside Bert slide.

Kristian Svitak frontside ollie over the stairs.

All photos by Emily Hope.