Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down...

Some rain is coming down anyway. Laptop is in the hands of our trusted computer repair man so until we get it back it's rerun time. This is a pic of yours truly in the midst of a Corey O'Brien style early grab curb blunt (totally '80's).
Curb blunt (resized pic)

Friday, March 28, 2008


This is where it all began. Grass roots homegrown skatepark built by skaters for skaters. No rules. Some crazy things go down at Burnside. I snapped this pic from the parking lot above in August of 2006.

Stevie Caballero's Blogspot Page Is Rad!

Steve Caballero is a skateboarding legend. One of the first pro model boards I ever laid eyes on was a Cab Dragon circa 1985. It belonged to my friend Rob. Cab has survived the ups and downs of skateboarding over the years and still rips to this very day. He has a positive message and is one of the kindest and most humble people you may ever meet.
It was in the summer of 2006 when we were attending the 3rd day of the Oregon Trifecta at Newberg. Emily and the Grom and I were on our way to the car to drop a ton of schwag we had collected before the Masters took to the bowls. Padding up at his car parked next to ours was Stevie Cab. He and his daughter were getting ready to go in to the skate contest but he took the time to talk to us and autograph Grom's hat and Em's shirt. The only words I could muster were "Much Respect Cab, Thanks for Skateboarding." I probably came across as a kook but whatever. I mean, this guy has been a huge part of skateboarding since I started over 23 years ago and is going as strong today as ever still riding for Powell. He was also one of the first of a handful of pro skaters to have a signature shoe, the original being a hi top. Thanks to Skate and Annoy for the tip, and Thank You Steve Caballero for being the skater you are.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10 Millionth Curb Slappie...

Well, I don't know that I've done that many but my readers probably feel as though they have seen that many pics of them posted here on Jeff's Skateboard Page. This one was shot by the Grom as opposed to the usual DIY pics that I shoot on the 10 second timer and I promise that it will not be the last backside curb slappie pic that I post. No matter how many I shoot though this one will remain the top curb slappie pic of all time.

Stinkbug As Style?

I haven't tried to grab this tuck knee. Probably never will. I know it's stinkbug but that's how my frontside curb slap goes down. With my beer gut I'm just glad that I can still grab my board. This pic was snapped by Grom on Tuesday, March 25, 2008.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Helmet Safety Demo

Marc's Board Shop will be participating in a helmet safety demo at Kenna School on April 4, 2008. I have been invited to photograph the event and ride in the demo providing that I break with tradition and wear a helmet. No problem. A helmet is something that is better to wear and never need as opposed to never wearing one and needing it just once. Protect you head!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old School Skateboarding

OSS is another one of my favorite websites. Full of rad pics and stories of interest OSS is a must when I'm doing what I do when I'm not skating. Which usually involves me sitting on the couch pecking away at this keyboard.

Living In Darkness, Living In a World of My Own

Not my board.
Really like the band.

Get Your Pencils and Your Crayons

I'm just not sure about the socks.

Coloring Book

Reminds me of some of my favorite album covers.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Shadow on a Skateboard

Skateboarding and photography.
That pretty much sums me up.

Archival Skate Pics For Friday

Classic Backside top Grind (or 5-0, if you will).

Marc Hang Ten Nose Wheelie.

Park Slalom.

Marc Does the Daffy.

Lenny Giant Slalom.

Friday is here again and so are these archival skate pics. I have decided to post some past pics with some new twists. These are pics that I have worked up and I have matted and framed some copies as well. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Landing It!

Having already posted several sequences and individual pics of this spot I was reluctant to post another but what the hay... Grom shot this one last night. The cardboard comes in handy to cover up the mud that I would otherwise be landing in. I don't call the Old Dirty for nothin'.

Zoo York Issues New Graphic

Zoo York keeps it really real with this new graphic featuring Jenna Jameson. This is not the first time that a skate company has issued a risque' graphic (think Randy Colvin, World Industries) but it's sure to raise more than just a few eyebrows. Thanks to Kilwag and Skate and Annoy for this one. I'm not sure where I'd be without Skate and Annoy. Probably here. Got to love the Kama Sutra illustrations and can't help but wonder what could be next. Ron Jeremy pro model trucks? Peter North signature wheels? Stay tuned...

WV Skate News

Marc sent me this link to a news story about a new skate park located in Ronceverte, Greenbrier County, West Virginia. It appears to be typical of many of the other skate parks in the state with some nice quarter pipes and the standard hip/pyramid/centerpiece with a low hubba ledge or rail. Congratulations to the skaters of Greenbrier County for another small victory for skaters everywhere and Big UP to Marc for the link. Word Up!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Grom Took This Pic!

The young budding skate photographer snapped this one of his old man at the Old Dirty. Nothing you haven't seen before but It's All Good.


It was slightly above 40 degrees on the mountain top this weekend and I couldn't think of anything better to do than hit this little hill. The turkey, goats, and horses didn't seem to mind so I let it rip and ended up taking about a half dozen runs, each one starting a little more toward the top. By the end of the day I was hauling balls. This clip is of my second run. Bomb Hills Not Countries!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Two More Minutes of Dub

More Dubbed out Reggae music for your listening pleasure. Yes, the lighting is shitty but the music is what matters. Funkazoid is the man. We called this one "Bulldog Dub" because the Bostons were fighting the whole time he played. I guess my dogs are "Rude Boys". Now if I could just get this guy to come over with the Funkazoid...