Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NOS Santa Cruz Wheels

61mm 95a Santa Cruz Team Rider

60mm 92a OJ II Street Razor

60mm 92a OJ II Elite Street Formula

I discovered a number of these NOS Santa Cruz wheels for sale via various outlets on the web. There are more, these are just my top three. I miss the days when you could get a 92a durometer "street" wheel. Most of these are available in 92a, 95a, and 97a.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Independent 215 vs Tracker 219

The Independent 215mm truck, 8.5 inch hanger with 10 inch axle.

The Tracker Dart 219mm truck, 8.5 inch hanger with 11 inch axle.

In anticipation of the arrival of the Butter Bean, I've started looking for wide trucks. In the end, I will most more than likely end up riding on the Trackers because of price and reputation. Don't get me wrong, I like Indy, but I'm not going to front some tough guy brand-loyalty act over a set of trucks.


Artist, skater, innovator. Always a step ahead and two to the side. In 1987, I was fifteen years old and I was riding what was then one of the most coveted street set-ups available: the Vision Mark Gonzales with Venture Trucks and Vision Blurr Wheels. Watching the video of Mark just ruling that half-pipe on that big board makes me real glad that I ordered a Butter Bean.

Lee Ralph New Zealand

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deckcrafters "Butter Bean" 14 x 36

The Deckcrafters Butter Bean! The coolest skateboard deck I have yet to lay eyes on, checking in at 14" x 36" with a 14" wheelbase. Pictured here outfitted with 13" Gullwing Trucks, photo by Jokers Skate Shop.

Did I mention that only 7 of these were made?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Current Set-Ups

From slalom, to park, and to the streets, these are the current set-ups I like to ride. Some of my boards have a second set of wheels for crossover (a softer set for street, and a harder set for parks), while some are good to go for all terrains.

Fallen Soldiers

Chronologically arranged beginning with the Powell-Peralta Skull and Sword and progressing to the right and ending with the Assault 8.5 Pointer, this display holds a lot of good memories from the last six years back on board.

Ben Schroeder Sacto Burnout 1988

Spine ramps, lip tricks, and reverts, Ben Schroeder dominates this set up.

Ben Schroeder Reno State Fair Vert 1987

Some skate inspiration from Big Ben Schroeder for your Sunday viewing pleasure.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Deals on Wheels at Marc's Board Shop

Right now you'll find some great prices on wheels at Marc's online store. There are OJ III Hot Juice, Santa Cruz Road Riders, Bones 100s (50mm) and my personal favorite, which are these Powell Peralta Bones Mini Cubic wheels (64mm 95a) are currently available for bidding at Marc's Board Shop. They are factory blems, meaning that the graphics are blemished, and this particular set has some small chips that will not effect the way they ride. Bidding begins at $8.99 U.S. Get them before I do.

Variflex Skateboarding Re-Union Tour

All I have to say is argyle socks, bowl skating, clover bowl, Curtis Franklin, death box, grinds, inverts, Lance Mountain, Mike Hirsch, over the stairs, pool skating, pool tile, reverts, Steve Hirsch, Variflex, and wheel bark.

Legion x Grind For Life Rails

Legion Skateboards has teamed with Mike Rogers and the folks at Grind For Life in the fight against cancer. You can order these 1/2 inch tall, 3/4 inch wide, 5/8 inch base, 14 3/4 inch long marvels with 4 mounting holes from the Legion online store and your boardslides will have never been better.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Duane Peters Independent Trucks

I saw this posted on the book of faces today and couldn't resist the urge to share this with readers of this page. The Duane Peters Limited Independent Truck is available in 149mm, 159mm, and 169mm and features DP's signature red and black color way and stripe graphic. All I can say is that they are long overdue and that I wrote this while blaring The Clash.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Elephant Skateboards Vallely Barnyard

The deck that revolutionized street skating, the Vallely Barnyard. I, for one, am glad to see that Elephant has put this shape and lots of other great shapes in their product line. See more here.