Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Grom gettin' his flow on!

Building A Better Boardslide

A short clip shot by Grom. This double sided curb is about 15 inches wide and fast. Just don't fall in the rocks.

Tom Sloan's PUSH To End Alzheimer's A Huge Success

Pushing through the intersection of Capitol and Lee Streets.

Murph about to round the corner of Smith and Morris Streets.

This dude had the deck of the day. It was a 9" wide rectangle with a little cut.

A Bulldog named Hank.

Post race banter with some of the veterans of my scene.

Over 25 skaters participated in the first ever PUSH To End Alzheimer's in Charleston, WV. PUSH was held in conjunction with this years Memory Walk, and was a success in terms of turnout, participation, and fund raising (netting nearly $1500). The vibe was POSITIVE and atmosphere was one of camaraderie and fun as skaters from different disciplines of skateboarding came together to show support for a great cause. I can only hope the sponsors of the Memory Walk invite us back next year.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Label Stuff

Adams, Natas, Hensley offerings from the Almighty Label!


Just over 8" wide and 36" in length.

The Plank

At 10"x42" it's just that. A plank.

Ray Barbee Krooked Guest Model

Close to the original shape! Krooked puts out some really good guest boards. Did you see the Mickey Reyes?

Shootin' Blanks

10"x33" pool deck. Blank. Very affordable. Indy 169's and you're set.

10"x31" with wheel wells.

Purple stain, purple stain...

Krooked Zig Zagger

The Krooked Zig Zagger. 8.6" by 32". One of the best all around skateboard decks made today, the Zig Zagger can be used for cruising, slalom racing, street skating, park and ramp riding...
This is a newer Zig Zagger. The tail is now round as opposed to the shovel tail.

The former shovel tail shape.

SSD Ricky Winsor

The Circle A Scurb Ramp Woody Ricky Winsor Pro Model. Bad ass.

Trick or Treat

While most of suburbia was bobbing for apples, I was skating. Warm up at the slab. First ride of the day and then the batteries died. The camera batteries. Not mine.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Santa Cruz To Reissue EVERSLICK Decks

Santa Cruz has announced the reissue of classic shapes from Tom Knox and Eric Dressen as the EVERSLICK hits the market.

Tom Sloan's PUSH To End Alzheimer's

Tom Sloan by Kenny Kemp, The Charleston Gazette.

Original art by Don Pendleton for PUSH.

Push flyer.

Marc of Marc's Board Shop and Manual Madness! Photo MBS

Tom Sloan is the consummate skateboarder's skateboarder. A California transplant to the Mountain State of West Virginia, Tom is a skilled park rider, street skater, slalom racer, longboard racer... That is to say that if it's skateboarding, then Tom's in! PUSH To End Alzheimer's is Sloan's opus. The event has grown from a ride to raise support in conjunction with the Memory Walkto a full on skateboard race and a manual contest and more. Marc's Board Shop has stepped up to sponsor part of the skate events and West Virginia native and accomplished skateboard artist Don Pendleton was kind enough to donate art for the shirts. You can join Tom's team here. Join us on Saturday October 30 at Appalachian Power Park in Charleston, WV. Registration is at 9:30AM.

Bank Robber

Bank ride amidst a sea of garbage.
Bank ride in motion.

In the past this spot has been referred to as the "old dirty wallride spot" and "the slab". It is both dirty and a wallride spot as well as a slab of concrete. Then an acquaintance pointed out to me that walls are vertical and form a 90 degree angle. These "walls" are only 60 to 75 degrees at best but are still pretty steep, but to avoid argument I will refer to them as banks. Regardless of what you call it, it is what it is.

Ben Schroeder

Ben puttin' it down! Powerhouse ripper states the truth about skateboarding. It is just about you and your board.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tom Sloan's Birthday Session

Tom picked me up around noon. I had no idea it was his birthday today until I got home from skating with him. Doh! Happy Birthday Tom Sloan!


Random shots from the park today.