Saturday, July 28, 2012

Simon Woodstock

Milk crate dark slide.


So I was reading this the other day and I came to disagree with the author's use of the word "talentless." In my opinion, dude has so much talent that he can rip a regular set up, a carpet topped deck, or a skim board. Period.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ron Allen

Uganda Skateboarder's Saloon

"Amazing photos of a universal culture."

Mark Gonzales

L.A., Paris, NYC, ollies, iconic graphics, the mini Big Kahuna, the skatewheel... Mark Gonzales.

Roll Call

A Generation Defined By Style

Ocean Howell

Danny Sargent

Brian Lotti

Jeremy Klein

It could be said that all generations are defined by style. This is a glimpse at moments in time that defined the generation of the changing of the guard in skateboarding during the very late 1980s to early 1990s.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

St. Albans Park Planning Meeting

"St. Albans (WV) needs a CONCRETE SKATEPARK. There's a meeting on Thursday July 12th at 7PM @ St. Albans High School to discuss park designs. If you drive 1-3 hours to skate a concrete park, or just really want an awesome LOCAL, DESTINATION skatepark then you REALLY need to attend."
Me, Coonskin, 2008. Totally unrelated.


Grom, Summer 2008. It's all in the back foot.

Rumors Clarified

UPDATE! I received an email today from Jeffrey Hutchinson at Kanawha County Parks and Recreation in regards to the ramps at Coonskin Park. Mr. Hutchinson was kind enough to provide me current information regarding the status of the park and here is what he said:

"Jeffery, the ramps were damaged during the storm that hit Coonskin on the 29th. The wind picked two of them up and blew them into two other ones bending the legs and twisting the ramps on the other two. I had them removed so that we could re open the skate park for skaters too use. The insurance adjuster has been to Coonskin already and hopefully we will be able to replace these fixtures in a timely manner. Thank You for the email and you may share this information in any way you wish. Jeffrey K. Hutchinson"

So, there we have it. Our local park will be back to almost normal soon. I know that Coonskin receives a lot of criticism from the skate community for various reasons, but, coming from me, a skater who grew up with no local park, we are lucky to have a park at all. You don't have to like it, just respect it. No one is forcing anyone to skate there and if you don't like it then get involved by writing the parks commission about what you would like to see changed. You may not receive the answer you want, but you will most more than likely receive an answer if you are polite and respectful. Enough said, GO SKATE!

Original Post. Rumors are unreliable when it comes to seeking the truth. The local newspaper reported that Coonskin Park was "devastated" by the severe storm that ripped through the area on Friday, June 29. In recent days it has come to light via social media posts and comment threads that several ramps are now missing from the skate park at Coonskin. My guess is that they were damaged by the storm and removed for safety reasons but the rumor mill is churning out stories that allege that the ramps were removed because of graffiti. Time will tell and the the truth will be known, stay tuned.