Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marc's Board Shop

Need a good deal on a set of trucks, bearings, hardware? Or are you a skateboard fanatic such as myself and like to look at all things skateboarding. Check out my friend Marc's new stuff at http://www.marcsboardshop.com/ Marc has old school tees, wheels, decks, stickers, hardware and more all at a great price that can not be beat. How cool is that? Too cool. Marc's enthusiasm for skateboarding is unparalleled and he strives to make kits affordable. Check his nose wheelie on the smoothy concrete of Coonskin Park. Nice.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Skate Shorts Updated and Another Old pic

I have updated the Skate Shorts video links to include some footage of Jason Adams. Jason is one of today's raddest pros and he is simply not afraid to throw down wallrides, handplants, and grind variations so gnar you will have to watch them again and again. A unique skater in what can be a not so unique market Jason Adams is awesome. The above pic is triple delight of skaters frozen in time. That is a young me in the foreground popping an ollie crail grab on flat ground while Slappe appears in the left side of the frame apparently about to do some no comply step hop shove it. I believe that may be our friend Joey in the rear right of the pic. Wow. I was riding a Powell Peralta Lance Mountain with Powell wheels and Slappe and I were both rocking those Airwalk high tops that everyone had a pair of back then.

Ollie The Dog

No it's not a trick although it could be. It's Ollie the Boston Terrier panting patiently in the shade of the bench at the skatepark on Sunday.

Hollow Ground

Monday morning and time to go to work but not before I post this pic sent to me by Randy at Flood Kontrol. This ditch is in Laguna Hills, California. Thank You Randy and Flood Kontrol. Right On!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coonskin Park Sunday Skate

Here are today's Coonskin pics but they don't do much justice to the fun that was had. Russ was ruling the coping on the tall quarter pipes as was his son. Eli rode fast and hard today and Ollie the dog was just hot. Check out the old school rides. The pointy nose 10x33 on the left is my new kit and it rocks. Both of the boards pictured above are Moose Canadian Maple. The one on the right is the 10x30 and is reminiscent of so many late 80's H-Street and G&S shapes. Moose decks are usually available thru Marc. Check him out at www.marcsboardshop.com He's our main man.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Skate Pics

Finally a break from the rain allowed for some skateboarding. Eli and I hit up our usual Saturday spots and he shot this wall ride pic for your viewing pleasure. Judging from his videos and pic skills I may just have a budding skate photographer on my hands... Right on! The Old Dirty Wall Ride Spot was a muddy mess from the rain but we made the best of the sketchy landing area.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Jesse Martinez's Sweatshirt

Back in 1988 or so a group of my friends traveled to Ohio for the Surf Ohio or Cow Skates pro street contest. Mike Vallely was blowing peoples minds with hand plant variations that were previously only thought possible on vert. Steve Rocco was skating and popping ollies and someone ollied the Cow. Jesse Martinez was there and ripping it up and someone among the crew decided it was a good idea to take Mr. Martinez's Thrasher Magazine Sweatshirt. When he returned to his seat to smoke a cigarette and discovered his shirt missing he was visibly pissed off. Who could blame him. He's from California and came to friggin' Ohio to skate in the middle of winter and someone stole his sweatshirt that he most more than likely brought with him to keep warm. When the crew returned home they were so stoked on the contest and on skating that it was unbelievable. Since I didn't make the trip to Ohio one of my boys kicked the sweatshirt down to me and then explained to me how he acquired it. I was too young then to know about Karma so I accepted the kickdown and sported it PROUDLY. It was Jesse Martinez's Thrasher Magazine Sweatshirt after all. I wore that thing for years and as Karmic retribution I lost it somewhere somehow back there in the ozone. Jesse has a new board out on Santa Monica Airlines and it is awesome. Do yourself a favor and check out Skip's latest designs on the SMA website. Until then check out these pics of me skating in the fall of 1989 sporting what else but that Thrasher sweatshirt. I'm sorry Jesse Martinez. You ripped in Rubbish Heap.

Summer of 1989

Here is yet another shot from yesteryear. I was 17 and could pop ollies. I think the goal here was to ollie from the crack in the street and land inside of the crosswalk. I remember trying to ollie the crosswalk as well because we had seen Ron Allen do it in an H-Street video. That's Ron among the autograph seekers at a demo in Columbus, Ohio, where he skated with Sal Barbier and Matt Hensley. Ron is still skating today and I believe the skate press stated he is skating for Creation Skateboards. Jah Rasta Far I

Curbs Of The Past

We used to skate these nice curbs until the property owners decided that their parking lot looked better without them. What a shame. The first pic is a f/s curb slap followed by Jeremy about to touch down on an ollie to 50/50 grind, and a pic of a b/s boardslide sporting that A1 Meats t-shirt.


This is Slappe. Pronounced just like the thing I do on curbs. The Portland, Oregon based artist and skater keeps busy with skating, art shows, teaching college, and more skating. The pick pics of the day are Slappe in the projector room during his show "Rolling Deep" which showcased some nice old skateboard films from the 1970's and early 80's. The show took place in Portland and I am told that Gus Van Sant was in the audience. Nice. The second pic is Pier Park which is one of Portland's several new concrete skateparks. I sure do envy that blue tile...

More Slalom and Contest Pics

Here are a few more pics of the contest. Check out the grom mob at the prize table as Marc holds the mike to announce the winners. These are my pics from the highest ollie and longest manual contests followed by some shots of Eli and the grom boardercross and finally two shots of the slalom races.

Wake Up And Smell The Concrete

The weekend is here and that can mean only one thing. Skateboarding of course. We'll post new pics by Sunday with any luck, so until then take a look at the Salty Dog. This guy was running the cones and doing handstands like it was no one's business but his own during the contest back in June at the Bible Center Church. Rad. I can only hope to still be moving like that in a few years. Marc has posted some nice archival pics on his Board Shop page too so hit the Crispy Link and check them out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Neil Blender

Neil Blender is a skateboarding artist. He skates. He creates art and he is a creative and unique skater. Neil and Lance Mountain along with Natas, Mike V., The Gonz, and Hensley, are half a dozen skaters who have influenced skateboarding in a big way over the years. Blender was doing cartoons of skaters popping no complys as early as 1984. He had probably already invented the no hands boneless by then but it wasn't until I saw Natas doing it in a "How To" trick tip article that I learned it. That was maybe 1987 or 1988. From his layback rollouts to insane invert tricks such as the wooly mammoth it is a spectacle to behold when Neil throws down. He skated Falcon Snake Run in the old G&S video "Footage." He also ripped several indoor set ups in that video. Follow this link and check out this contest run. You'll see why Neil is an artistic and unique skater. The attached pics are of yours truly popping yet another no comply and that's Neil in Huntington WV at an early Alien Workshop Demo. Ahh Yeah...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One From The Archives

This is a little curb cut we used to skate in the late 80's to early 90's. It was near Mike Dale's house and there wasn't much to it other than it was a nice little ollie booster. I was riding the Santa Monica Airlines Natas with the baby blue Thunder trucks. This was when SMA was still pressed on Santa Cruz wood in the pre World Industries days. It looks like I'm giving my stinkbug ollie a thumbs down. Nice.

One More From The Archives

Not a new pic but a new one for my new format and page. This is Jeremy Thornton. JT was known for cutting boards down to his own custom shapes and sizes. He also like to keep his shoe laces tidy and neat. Here he is pictured in the early stages of an ollie that was sure to have scuffed those laces more than just a little.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Criddle Skate Zine Reps The Old School

I got an e-mail from a friend about Criddle. Criddle needs your scene report it said. What is Criddle? I said. Well, Criddle is a DIY Skate Zine that is right up my alley, or down my hill, if you will. Follow the link and see for yourself... The pic is me at Cannon Beach Skatepark on the Oregon Coast last summer. The park consists of two of these horseshoe banks connected in the middle to form what looks like a letter M.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Coonskin Sunday Afternoon

I went to the park a little later than usual and was instantly reminded of why I like to ride early in the morning. However a few good friends were on hand and ripping so it was a good time. I snapped a nice one of Marc in a f/s smith grind but you'll have to go to his Marc's Board Shop page to see it because I'm sending it to him. Enjoy...

More Matt Hensley

Follow the Black Label Matt Hensley Link in my Crispy Links section to check out all of the winners of the Treasure Hunt Photo Contest. Nice...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Crispy Links Added

Since I went skateboarding early today and the batteries in the camera died (ALWAYS PACK A BACK UP SET) I will post some new pics some time soon. Until then check out the new links. Foiled Concepts is based out of the Gulf state of Mississippi. These guys are turning Katrina storm debris into some unbeliveable decks. FLOODKONTROL is one of my favorite sites. If you dig snake runs, ditches, and/or bank skating then this one is for you. Last but of course never least is Old Man Army. A website full of all the old man news you can use if you're still pushing the urethane. Enjoy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Obstacade Contest

The Obstacade was held on the tennis courts of the old Dunbar High School in 1989 if memory serves me well. The contest was sponsored by S&E Shirts and Mr. Cable shelled out the Balzout Bucks to build the ramps. We built the ramps in Ernie's garage in Cross Lanes and somehow they got to Dunbar. After the contest the ramps were transported to the parking lot of the Dunbar Recreation Center where they were skated until they were crushed by 4x4 trucks which was not an uncommon occurrence back then. The first pics are of Jamie C busting an ollie to fakie and a nice b/s air. The air to tail is courtesy of Josh and the last one is an early snap of Ernie and Marc about to throw down. Marc looks to be going for the b/s air on the quarter pipe while Ernesto opted to f/s boneless on the bank ramp. That was a fun contest and it was attended by skaters from Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. I think I shot these with a Kodak 110 camera sans flash cubes.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

HOSS To Host 2nd Race of Series

The Huntington Outlaw Slalom Series continues with a 2nd race coming Saturday August 25 at noon. Full details are available thru the NCDSA link provided below. If you are interested in riding what looks to be like one heck of a fast hill then check it out. http://www.ncdsa.com/contest_registration.asp?ContestID=334

Coonskin Park

We sessioned the skatepark at Coonskin for about an hour and a half this afternoon. The gap in the coping between the small quarter pipes was not as obvious today so I worked some backside coping slaps as usual. Skaters will be happy to see that the fun box has returned to the park after a mysterious absence. Perhaps its reappearance is related to the lessening of the gap in the coping? At any rate, we clocked in a good one between thunderstorms and periodic downpours. We didn't bother to take the camera so here is a picture of Russ locked into a grind on one of the taller quarter pipes from a Sunday morning sesh about a month ago...

Slalom Video Posted Elsewhere

There is a nice little slalom video available for your amusement. Follow the Crispy Link to my Freelance Mtn. Man page at Associated Content and check it out under Slalom Racing At Its Finest. Click the read more link on the story to watch the footage I shot.


Cruisers are one of the more recent trends in skateboarding. Most likely popularized by the movie Lords Of Dogtown, cruisers can be found in most every board companies catalog. Having recently attended some nice slalom races I too caught the cruiser bug. My friend Dave gave me this Quest Q38 deck over a year ago. Marc came thru with the Indy's and I added the ABEC Gumballs. Riding the cruiser is a totally different experience from riding my "street" board. Nothing compares to flowing down hills, streets, wheelchair ramps, grass slopes, etc., on a longboard. Big soft wheels roll over cracks that would throw me even on my 60mm Rat Bones. Add to the equation an iPod loaded with your favorite tunes and you are in for a good time. It's like having your own soundtrack as you cover ground on fat wheels. Check out Sector 9. They are not your average longboard company and their riders rip. I recommend a cruiser for every skater. They're fun. And fun is why we skate. You may find that by trying different aspects of skating such as slalom or vert that your overall skills will improve resulting in you being a more well rounded skater. And not rounded like a beer gut is rounded but rounded as in skilled.

More Friends

This is my friend Marc. Some of you may know him from Marc's Boardshop or Apple Skatepark, depending on your age. Marc still throws down to this day and is one of my favorite people to skate with. He is all about progression which is one of the most enjoyable aspects of skateboarding. With the hook up on the decks, trucks, and wheels, Marc is the man to know if you need a kit. Do yourself a favor and visit his page thru Crispy Links.

Check Out Skate Shorts

I have added the Skate Shorts video option to entertain visitors. The random pool skating clips are pulled from YouTube and Google. The footage of Kona is rad. This photo was shot by my wife Emily at the South Hills Slalom and Boardercross Contest. This Neil Blender inspired varial handplant fetched me 2nd place in best trick ramp. Please note the placement of my friend Chad's foot on the back of the ramp. That was to keep the ramp from moving while my big frame worked it out.


Stephen Slappe is an artist who resides in Portland, Oregon. Slap updates me on the reg about goings on in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Slappe is taking full advantage of summer break by skating as much as possible at Portland's plethora of parks. Skateparks are as common as trees in Oregon. And not just prefab pop up ramps with inch gaps in the coping either. We're talking full on concrete, blue tile, and fast coping. Check it.

Thank You Black Label

I was lucky enough to place as runner up in the Black Label Matt Hensley Treasure Hunt photo contest. Much to my surprise I received an autographed deck and a stack of stickers. Stoked is an understatement as to how I feel. It was reward enough to have about five of my pics posted on their site and then to get this box from the Label...Wow. So Big Ups to Black Label and my boy Hensley. Thanks Guys...

I've Moved

I have decided to begin posting here as a matter of convenience. You will see the same things just in a different place. Take it slow and let it grow. Follow the Freelance Mtn. Man link to the Associated Content site for slalom video and pics. Most of the skate pics from the 1986-1992 era will be moved here soon. This blog format seems to be more user friendly than AC and I like the layout better. Less ads for BS and more skating. That's a good thing. Backside grind in the little bowl at Hood River Skatepark in the green state of Oregon. Photo by Swifty.