Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He's Going The Distance

And he won't be alone. Some of you will recall Karr's ride across North Carolina, a ten day excursion which covered over 500 miles. This event, The Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Sk8 Challenge 2011, is being billed as "The first long distance skateboarding stage race ever to be held." According to information on the event's facebook page, "Long distance skateboarders from around the world will be descending on the 94 miles long Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Bike Trail that runs from Smyrna (Atlanta), Georgia to Weaverville (Anniston, AL) for three days of racing that will total approximately 180 miles plus!" The race will proceed " to provide clean water to people in countries who need it." Sign up is available at

Race organizer Marion Spears Karr at the completion of last years ride by Mike Adams.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sal Barbier - Hokus Pokus (1989)

Sal gives the thumbs up to loose trucks.

With a gun and a tear...


Frontside ollie Columbus Ohio with Ron Allen on deck.

Back lip or front board? Discuss amongst yourselves.

A Sal Barbier autographed pic of Matt Hensley with Matt's autograph on the back.

Crew cuts, hair dye, punk rock attitude, Operation Ivy, cargo shorts, chain wallets, Doc Martens, H-Street, Plan B, flat land no complies, melancholy ollies, Airwalk high tops cut off to mids, you can't deny Matt's influence on skateboarding. Just call me Jeff Haynesly.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lenny Poage's Rolling for the Hungry

On Saturday, June 25 2011, skaters from the Tri-State will have a chance to participate in a long distance skateboard ride to benefit Holy Spirit Orthodox Church's chapter of the Fellowship of St. John the Divine's lunch program. The fellowship prepares and serves lunch for approximately 150 men, women, and children one Saturday each month according to information on the event provided by Lenny on facebook. The nearly 15 mile ride will start at Huntington's Ritter Park and conclude at Central Park in Ashland, Kentucky. While Poage is in the process of setting up a PayPal account for the event donations may be sent to
Rolling for the Hungry
c/o Holy Spirit Orthodox Church
1 Woodhaven Dr
Huntington, WV 25701
The Tri-State has a strong longboard and skate community that is always more than willing to help out fellow skaters for a good cause. We hope this event aids the mission to fight hunger.

Skaters from West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio from last year's 5KATE for Critters.


Iconoclastic punk rock style Sacramento Skate Damage Rick Winsor.


The Airwalk Prototype 600 is back. They are very 1989 with the exception of the price which is very '85, as in $85. How long before we start buying them and cutting them into mids again?

The Airwalk Enigma is back on the scene too. I used to rock these and they came in a variety of color ways such as black and grey, and a nice olive green and tan too. Retailing for $75 American. Thanks Skate and Annoy for the story.

Tom Sloan Mini Ramp Stills Part Two

On the way to a frontside disaster.

Frontside 50/50 ala Mike Rogers.

Mastering disastrous situations in a frontside style, Tommy Gun.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming Soon

Assault Skateboards is stoked to announce the upcoming release of 8" two-tone popsicle stick deck along with the 9" x 33" Ricky Winsor SSD/DEAD POINT/CHOP TAIL boasting a 15.125" wheelbase, along with the highly anticipated 9.25" x 32" Mark Heintzman ketchup deck!
Hardcore skaters young and old will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that is going in to the production of these decks. Made in Southern California by skaters for skaters, the Winsor and Heintzman will be a treat for collectors and for those of us who like to ride boards with great shapes and deep concave. Versatile skaters who like the ambidextrous popsicle stick shape will find the 8" two-tone perfect for street, park, or pool.
I'll be posting pics as they become available.

This is my speculation as to the shape of the Heintzman but the production people at Assault are being very tight lipped.

Long Live The Dirty Sac! Sacramento Skate Damage Rick Winsor deck is in the works. Pictured here is the original that started it all.

The "Heintzovich" Mark Heintzman/Kris Markovich mash up from G&S from back in the day.

The Heintzman ketchup shuffle from the era that gave us the popsicle of today.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two For Tuesday

Assault Skateboards 8.5 Pointer with Independent Trucks (149mm) and OJ DP Radials 62mm 99a.

Curb slappy.

Slab Assault

Session at the slab before the rain. Assault Skateboards 8.5 Pointer!

Slab ride in motion. Huck it fatty!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Assault Skates

Assault Skates Pointer with Independent Trucks 149mm and OJ Wheels Duane Peters Radials 62mm 99a.

Assault Skateboards Are Here

The Pointer 8.5" x 32.125" with a 14.125" wheelbase. Available at Assault Skates.

The proof is in the slappy as this curb get Assaulted.

We're all DEVO!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tools Of The Trade

Ode to Salba Sauce. "Don't spray the coping."

Victim In Pain

Why am I going insane? Victim in pain caught on 10 second timer shot as things went wrong.

Walk it off. You'll hurt worse tomorrow. I promise.

Spring Time In Slab City

Slappy Saturday

My West Coast friends will be skating California Reds on Slappy Sunday. Meanwhile, Saturday Slappy Session is in full effect.

Parking garage curb. A favorite since 1989.