Monday, June 21, 2010

Go Skateboarding Day With Jeff

Putting it out there on Go Skateboarding Day. Flying solo with some DIY footy of the curb spot and nice backside slappie. Whatever you did today I hope it involved skateboarding!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Go Skateboarding Day

June 21 is officially recognized as Go Skateboarding Day! Everyday can be GSD but today it is official. Get out there and ride and know that even if you are riding alone that there will be multitudes shredding with you regardless. Hit up the park, your favorite spot, your ramp at home, or take to the streets and let people know we are skateboarders!

Happy Father's Day From Jeff's Skateboard Page

Saturday, June 19, 2010

O.G. Jordans

Skate videos from the early 1980's show Neil Blender and others skating in Nike Blazers. I broke down and copped a pair last summer and I am just now starting to wear through the soles. In the late 1980's it was Mark Gonzales, John Thomas, Cab, TG, Blender, and others skating in the O.G. Jordans. They aren't much different from Nike SB Dunks by design. Thank You to my awesome wife for scoring these for me for Father's Day. I can't wait to skate in them.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Skogging Is A Great Way To Travel Well

Skogging is the combination of skateboarding and jogging. In order to skog a skateboarder must learn to alternate between push feet. Chris Yandall is credited with being the inventor of this unique disclipline of skateboarding and even markets a special wide board made just for skogging.

Alternating push feet allows a skateboarder to travel long distance without tiring out their primary push foot. Long distance skateboarding and long distance pumping (using carving body motions to propel the skateboard without having to push as much) are quickly gaining popularity in the skateboarding community.

Learning to alternate which foot you push with can strengthen your overall skateboarding ability. Engaging in various disciplines of skateboarding such as slalom racing and longboard freestyle can also sharpen your ability on board in other settings such as street skating or park and bowl riding. Skateboarding is wide open today and the rules are off of the book. Old school, new school, no school. Just ride.

North Carolina Man Completes Nearly 500 Mile Skateboard Ride For Brain Injury Awareness

Surf 2 The Surf

On June 5, 2010, Marion Karr, a long time skateboard enthusiast and respected business leader from Statesville, NC, started out on the first ever cross-state long distance skateboard ride to be attempted in the state of North Carolina. Karr's goal was to raise awareness for those living with brain injury and to benefit Hind's Feet Farm. Hind's Feet Farm is a unique facility dedicated to serving persons living with brain injury.

Karr's odyssey began in Ashville, NC on June, 5 and ended at Carolina Beach on June 15. He travelled 496 miles through rain, heat, and high humidity to reach his goal. With the endurance of a cross country marathon runner there were days when Karr put in 50 to 70 miles which literally puts "long distance" in the discipline of long distance skateboarding.

Marion and his crew were joined by fellow skaters from the Appalachian region for portions of his journey. Helmets were given away to children and teens at skateboard safety clinics along the way. In the end Karr's goal was met and more.

While raising awareness and funding for a great cause Marion also inspired fellow skateboarders to keep on pushing and to be passionate about their goals no matter how small or large. "That will be inspiration in action" says Karr.

Photograph of Marion at Carolina Beach by Mike Adams. Thank you Mike!

Friday, June 11, 2010


These banked walls are one of my favorite places to skate. The harsh terrain and vagrants are part of the appeal of this skate spot. A good broom and some tall and soft wheels come in handy.

Homage To Venice

The Venice Beach scene in the 1980's was a spectacle to behold. Ramps were placed against the walls of the pavillion and a style of aggressive skating never before seen was born. Huge wallrides, layback grinds on top of the walls, and all done with sick style. Heavy hitters like Christian Hosoi, Block, Scott Oster, Aaron "Fingers" Murray, Tim Jackson, Jef Hartsel, Eric Dressen, Jesse Martinez, Joey Tran and so many more. Today the pavillion has been torn down but the beach has a nice concrete skate park. The influence of the Venice and Dogtown skaters is undeniable and will remain forever.

A Different Point of View

Sometimes it's all about the POV, or point of view. I began shooting DIY skate shots on a 10 second timer when I would skate just to see how janky I looked while skating. A form of self critique. Then I began shooting video clips. The static shots are a total beat now that I am lacking editing software but that's life. And life is what I present to you. Get on board, roll, skate, live.

Thursday, June 3, 2010