Monday, August 19, 2013

Latest NOS Acquisition

Found this NOS blank on eBay and couldn't pass it up. 10" x 30.5" with 14.5" wheelbase, 5" nose and 6.5" tail. The concave is deep and the tail is quite steep and reminiscent of an older H-Street "Hell Concave" mold or the Santa Cruz "Cruz Missile" concave.

Bottom view, basic late 1980s fish shape. Can't wait to grip it and rip it.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not Us

"Never has so little meant so much to so many." I think that's the way the ad was worded anyway. The introduction of a new dual wheelbase and variable nose size along with the addition of about an inch and a half in length to what was already one of skateboarding's top selling boards, was, indeed, a big deal to a great lot of people at the time, myself included. The Natas, previously measuring in at 10" x 30", had been re-worked, slimmed, and stretched to a 9.75" by 31.5" plank of street machinery. Minds were blown and skateboarding evolved a little more.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Before He Souled the World

The Rocco we grew up with, Bert slides and bunny hops, freestyle and street skating, the birth of streetstyle. Grip tape on the underside of the nose, Silly Stix rails, Jinx and Swank stickers, all hearkening back to a time when a close friend was simply not afraid to sign his letter to Transworld Skateboarding "...President of the Steve Rocco Fan Club."