Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

(Not So) Sunless Saturday

Despite missing the 2nd Annual Milton Mile Skateboard PUSH Race today, I managed to skate some local spots like the slab on this not so sunless Saturday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cruiser Jammer Shredder Filmer Racer PUSH Board

Steve Olson's hat.

Bigfoot's beveled stacks.

Cruiser's stony finish.
This deck, shelved months ago, was given a second life as a cruiser. Some sanding, along with two coats of paint, a few spare parts (hardware,bearings), a $2 sheet of grip tape, and it's ready to roll. The 76mm 84a Bigfoot Marbles are fast and smooth and this board has a great turning radius that allows for smooth carving and surf style skateboarding. FUN! This project was inspired heavily by What Luck? Skateboards and their Re-Kruzer program as well as all of the images shared from CONEFEST 7.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making The Old New Again

With the primer coat down after lots of sanding, this once shelved deck will soon be ready to roll again.

First coat of "Stone" finish paint.

Paint detail.
The finished product will be close to this. I have a weakness for 8.5" Punk Point boards set up with big soft 76mm wheels, somewhere between a cruiser and a jammer, I don't know!

Zingers, Re-Kruzers, and Jig Saw Dreams

As fall approaches I've been jonesing to cut a cruiser shape out of a larger deck from the stack of fallen soldiers in the basement. This urge has been strongly driven by What Luck? Skateboards and their Re-Kruzer program. They have a killer 7.5" by 28" template and are cutting boards down to donate to a local children's home!


I have a couple of 10" x 33" decks that are prime candidates for the jig saw, just need a template. I really like the Zip Zinger shape. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tom Sims Pure Juice Roll Forever

I always strongly dislike writing these things as it saddens me to no end. Tom Sims, skateboarding and snowboarding pioneer, 1950 - 2012. Pure Juice, Roll Forever.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Holmes Tells a Boomer Story

Skateistan Tragedy

“If you are scared you end up doing nothing and without doing you cannot achieve anything. But if you do things, all that can happen is you succeed or fail.” - Khorshid

For the uninitiated, Skateistan uses skateboarding as a "tool for youth empowerment in Afghanistan and Cambodia."

From Xavier at I Skate, Therefore I Am, "On the morning of Saturday September 8th a suicide attack in Kabul claimed the lives of a number of young Afghans. The bomb was detonated... where many of the street working children of Kabul sell trinkets, scarves and chewing gum to help support their families. We are very sad to learn that of the six young children confirmed to have passed away, four of them were students, volunteers and youth leaders at Skateistan, who were well-loved and well-known faces for the entire team in Kabul. It is therefore with great pain and heavy hearts that we share our memories of children who were not just victims of senseless violence, but also beautiful human beings who will never be forgotten by their teachers, peers, co-workers, students, friends or family."