Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go Go Godzilla

Thanks Dennis Blevins for this "photo finish".

More Milton Mile - Other People's Pixels

The starting line of the Milton Mile as photographed by L. Pauley.

I started removing my gloves as I neared the finish line. JayTee passed me by like the breeze. I was done.

Tom Sloan skated so fast that it prompted David Tolley to remark "I never saw the front side of Tom until he was passing me on the way back." Tom finished second overall.

Ben Jah Mon nearing the finish line.

The man who makes it happen, Marc of Marc's Board Shop, sponsor of the Milton Mile. Marc is the embodiment of STOKE when he is on board, always smiling. I remember someone asking me "Is that Marc?" When I confirmed that it was indeed Marc, live and direct, they remarked "He looks younger every time I see him." Rad.

Photo credit Marc's Board Shop.

Killer KREEP Wax

"Special formula targeted at unpainted ledges, curbs, and sidewalks." The Assault Store is filling up, go check it out! All new products including Jason Adams Lost Highway decks, 1031 products, Assault Skateboards, LANDSHARK Wheels, Independent Trucks, and Ace Trucks!

G&S Trucks Ad

PUNK AS F@CK! I remember when this ad came out because it was so RAD! Fast food and curb slappies. I rode G&S Trucks for while when they first came out and they would grind any curb. Sometimes I wish they still made chromoly trucks because I know I'd ride a pair.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Milton Mile Presented by Marc's Board Shop

Tom and Larry smiles for miles.

Dennis Blevins, Josh Murphy, and Tom Sloan on the podium.

Dressed to kill and ready to skate, young ghoul at the Milton Mile.

Base camp.

Marc keeping things running.

About 20 skaters of various ages took to Route 60 in Milton, WV on Sunday, September 25, 2011 to compete in the Milton Mile, a one mile push race organized by Marc's Board Shop. Prizes were awarded in both new school and longboard/unlimited classes. The event took place just before the Pumpkin Festival parade, and was an overall success which left organizers feeling optimistic about this being a recurring event. The four lanes of US Route 60 were blocked off thirty minutes before the parade, providing a window of opportunity as well as an open safe course lined with hundreds of spectators.

Official Resutls of the Milton Mile Skateboard Race as provided by Marc's Board Shop.
1. Kyle Smith -- around 5 minutes 40 seconds -- overall winner
2. Tom Sloan
Marc's Board Shop -- not a registered racer
3. Dennis Blevins
4. Josh Murphy 1st in New School class
5. David Tolley
6. John Coleman
7. Benjamin Bruce Barkey
8. Darlene Sloan -- 1st Inline
9. Josh Coleman
10.JayTee Thurmond
11.Jeff Haynes
12.Brett Stricklin
13.Lucas Pauley
I'm more than certain that Larry Pauley's name goes somewhere between 5th and 8th place and Griffin Barkey finished as number 14.

Rodeo Clown

Photo by L. Pauley. Rodeo clown attempts to no comply the median.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Vans - Plex

Bucky Lasek, Christian Hosoi, and Plex get down in a DEVO like style at the Vans Combi Bowl.

Complete Disaster

Pocket Pistols B.R.S.C. Duane Peters. 9.5" by 36" with an 18" wheelbase.

Complete with Independent Trucks 169s and OJ Wheels Hot Juice 60mm 78a.

I've always been a fan of big boards. Having ridden a few but never having owned one, I decided to see what it's all about. At first I felt like this. Then I quickly got used to it. I couldn't help but think about SJW and the Big Skate he was trying to get Rollin'.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Burnouts

"...this dude's got a cardboard soul, you know, there's no individuality. Whatever happened to localism?"

"Hey you, with the popsicle stick, why don't you try fucking carving?"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sunshine and Rain

Tom Sloan slip sliding away in the midst of a backside power slide after one of today's rain delays at Coonskin Park.

Frontside grind up the ledge before the rain. Image captured DIY on 10 second timer. Assault Skateboards Ricky Winsor with Independent 149mm trucks and 58mm 87a OJ Key Frame wheels.