Monday, May 7, 2012

What Luck? DIY Ethics and Punk Rock Roots

The What Luck Skateboards 2012 Old School Fist deck. 9" x 32.25" with a 15" wheelbase, slight fish shape with a blunt nose.

What Luck x Grind For Life Rails. 1/2" tall, 3/4" wide, 5/8" base, and 14.75" long with 4 mounting holes. These are some burly rails! Best part is that all proceeds from the sale of these rails go to Grind For Life to help people fight cancer.

The Bill Tocco Pool deck! 9" x 33.75" with a 15.5" wheelbase, square tail with a classic pool deck shape.

The DIY Stocking Cap Program is truly a one of a kind endeavor. "...for $8 plus shipping, you get this killer RAD Stocking Cap and so does a homeless dude. Easy as that. EVERY What Luck DIY Stocking Cap you buy, What Luck will donate one to help the homeless. Your getting a RAD deal and helping out at the same time. WIN WIN. This is what we DO." RAD! Now that is something to Respect and Support!

What Luck 2012 Fist deck popsicle shape, available from 7.5" up to 8.5" and affordably priced!

In today's ever increasingly cutthroat market, it's good to find a skateboard company that embraces old school DIY ethics and the roots of skateboarding. What Luck is one such company, doing what they do for the LOVE and the FUN of skateboarding, and not for the money. Check their website for more awesome products including McRad and JJ Mace decks, Bill Danforth's Indestructible Mounting Hardware, wax, buttons, bearing lube, and more. You'll be glad you did.
Product photos courtesy of What Luck? Skateboards, used with permission.

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