Sunday, May 6, 2012

Garry Scott Davis

The frontside front-foot foot-plant, later renamed "the Boneless One".

"What is skateboarding about? It's about cars. Jumping off of cars." GSD layback rollout in an early Tracker ad.

The Tracker GSD Banks/Curbs model, possibly the first "street" deck.

Before Barrier Kult, GSD was the scariest dude on the block.

Garry Scott Davis, pioneer of bank skating.


iSapien 1956672 said...

Always wanted one of those decks, the shops by me never had them when I went for a new board. Was so jealous of friends who had them and I would skate theirs whenever possible.

Jeff said...

A friend had a yellow one, always loved this shape!

Cameron O'Connor said...

I happened to be thinking of this deck today. I had one, and loved it. I was thinking how it was a thing ahead of its time. So when I got home and did a search, I was happy to see your comment about it possibly being the first street board. If I remember right, in someway it felt like a freestyle board(small). It had this tail that had a wicked pop off the ground.

Jeff said...

I still dig the "bomb" shape of this deck too Cameron, it was short, even for the era, clocking in around 29 inches. Thanks for stopping by!