Monday, September 26, 2011

Milton Mile Presented by Marc's Board Shop

Tom and Larry smiles for miles.

Dennis Blevins, Josh Murphy, and Tom Sloan on the podium.

Dressed to kill and ready to skate, young ghoul at the Milton Mile.

Base camp.

Marc keeping things running.

About 20 skaters of various ages took to Route 60 in Milton, WV on Sunday, September 25, 2011 to compete in the Milton Mile, a one mile push race organized by Marc's Board Shop. Prizes were awarded in both new school and longboard/unlimited classes. The event took place just before the Pumpkin Festival parade, and was an overall success which left organizers feeling optimistic about this being a recurring event. The four lanes of US Route 60 were blocked off thirty minutes before the parade, providing a window of opportunity as well as an open safe course lined with hundreds of spectators.

Official Resutls of the Milton Mile Skateboard Race as provided by Marc's Board Shop.
1. Kyle Smith -- around 5 minutes 40 seconds -- overall winner
2. Tom Sloan
Marc's Board Shop -- not a registered racer
3. Dennis Blevins
4. Josh Murphy 1st in New School class
5. David Tolley
6. John Coleman
7. Benjamin Bruce Barkey
8. Darlene Sloan -- 1st Inline
9. Josh Coleman
10.JayTee Thurmond
11.Jeff Haynes
12.Brett Stricklin
13.Lucas Pauley
I'm more than certain that Larry Pauley's name goes somewhere between 5th and 8th place and Griffin Barkey finished as number 14.


Shit talking and shit. said...

Is the kid with the facepaint the, "I like turtles," kid?

skateosauria said...

awesome pics!!! amazing day, cool people, and hundreds of people cheering...just crazy!! i still don't remember what place i came in, was having too much fun to notice!! good stuff jeff!!

Jeff said...

Shit talking! Thanks for stopping by. Despite any uncanny resemblance, the kid at the race is way cooler than the "I like turtles" kid.

Skateosauria- Thanks, these are actually ones I took and not ones I borrowed. You made it around quick, I know that much, real good stuff!