Thursday, October 9, 2008

Then and Now and Every Now and Again

20 years of non compliance has made me rebellious to a fault. The top photo was snapped in or around 1989. I was riding a Santa Cruz Tom Knox with Thunder Trucks and some OJ Street Razors. The backwards ball cap ala Steve Saiz, the cargo pants, Mess's Thrasher sweatshirt, and those white hi top Reeboks all scream "Late 80's!!!"
The bottom pic was shot in August of 2008. I've lost the hat and the hi tops but the no comply still is still a favorite.


Kvon said...

Do I see a fanny pack in the first pic? lol!

Jeff said...

Yeah, Vision Street Wear with the skulls all over it! LMAO! I did used to own one of those damned things.

Jeff said...

I think that is my t shirt sticking out of the bottom of the sweatshirt but I really did own the Vision fanny pack. Wish I could find it. I could give it to some hippies.

Jackie said...

I drove by that church just the other day...freakin' weird :D

I'm still working on my no-comply...and thanks to yer blog I'm doing boneless-es(?) again. You tha' man Jeff!

Jeff said...

Jackie, that's what I love to hear!
Not that I'm the man, that you are rocking the boneless and the no comply!
I'm going to skate right NOW!
Peace OFF!

Kvon said...

I miss the fanny pack! I still have a ex large santa cruz... I rocked the vision for a while back in the day. I have been skating street quite a bit lately. Maybe you can help me with names of a few of the tricks I have been working on. :)