Saturday, October 4, 2008

9x32 "Knox" Shape Deck by Eastbilt

Big Ups to Eastbilt! This was delivered just a few days after I placed my order. This is a Tom Knox type shape and I can't wait to set this up and hit the park.


Jackie said...

Wheee! :D
That reminds me of a deck I had...but I'm not sure which one. Klaus Grabke!?!

Jeff said...

Hell Yeah, This is a remake of an old Santa Cruz shape.

Kvon said...

Hey Jeff, How do ya like that Knox shape? Have you built it up yet? Do ya have any more pics? It looks real cool, I am thinking of getting one. :)

Kvon said...

I went ahead and ordered one. It came today. Looks cool! They sent the same color as yours. I cant wait to build it up and ride it! Do you know any back story of the company?

Jeff said...

K- I know that the guy who does used to press for Zorlac and JFA but not too sure about EastBilt. I'm waiting on my OJ III's 60mm and I'm rollin'!
Hope your stoked on the deck!