Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jeff Phillips

Sims Jeff Phillips deck circa 1987. One of my all time favorite shapes and graphics, it was a radical departure from his previous fish shaped deck with a round nose.

Ad for Sims Nitros 63mm before he started riding for Speed Wheels.

Another extraordinary colorway of the Sims Phillips deck. One can't think of Jeff Phillips without thinking of tie-dye clothing. Shirts, socks, head gasket, Phillips rocked them all. You can read more about Jeff and tie-dye here. And the helmet...

...the skull and crossbones helmet. Jeff Phillips. The tall Texan. Big influence. Boneless ones like no other. Before I could ollie, I used to boneless to everything. Boneless to axle stall, boneless to grind, boneless off of the launch ramp. I think I heard once that he called them "boosters." J. Grant Brittain photo.

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