Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wax Off, Gloss Enamel On

For years I have complained about how sticky this curb gets during the Summer months. Between the heat and the humidity it becomes sludge covered and stops you quicker than a pebble. A friend suggested lacquer, clear gloss enamel to be specific. I scraped as much of the wax as I could off of the curb and coated it with the gloss. It's more like a shiny new curb that can actually be skated now! Thank you friends at The Parking Block Diaries facebook group. St. Elmo's fire?


Tom Hoffman said...

In other words... Salba Sauce!

Jeff said...

Yeah-heah Tom! I saw Salba collide with Mark Conahan at Newberg during the 2006 Trifecta. He rode out of it leaving MC tko'd in the bottom of the bowl. But YES! The sauce!