Saturday, June 21, 2014

Obligatory Go Skateboarding Day Post #2

OK, so what if you can't go skateboarding today? Let's say maybe it's raining, or you're stuck at work, or some other set of circumstances is keeping you from stepping on your board and riding today. How can you miss Go Skateboarding Day? Will you ever be able to live it down? Sure you can. Personally, as a skateboarder, I'm not going to do anything I feel obligated, or forced, to do when it comes to skateboarding. That flies in the face of everything skateboarding stands for to me in my own view. But that is because I choose to see skateboarding as a subjective activity, one that is fueled by emotion and inner experience. Skateboarding is the truest expression of freedom. So, if you're not able to go skate today, there will be other days to skate. Maybe even tomorrow. And like Batman says, "It's go skateboarding day everyday."
Meme created by ToddTwist.

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