Saturday, October 19, 2013

Barnyards, Circus Trains, and Snub Nose Decks

The Vallely Barnyard circa 1988. The slightly tapered rectangle shape looked like a big freestyle deck and was "the" street deck when it was released back in the day. Mike's part in Rubbish Heap pretty much sealed the deal.

Mike palming a backside melon on what appears to be a Barnyard prototype. Some local friends went to a demo back in the day and talked to Jim Thiebaud who told them that Vallely was riding a board that was "a big rectangle." We had no idea that the future was now.

Elephant Brand Skateboards brought back the OG shape of the Barnyard with the Vallely Circus Train. Thanks to the kindness of a dear friend I am now in possession of one of these jewels but I most admit that I am torn between hanging it or riding it. Strongly considering having one cut custom and hanging the original for preservation. The shape is entirely too innovative for me to not ride.

The Sims Lonnie Toft Snub Nose. Ten years before the introduction of the Barnyard there was the Toft Snub Nose shape. Steve Rocco rode for Sims for years with both a freestyle model deck and a street model. Could Toft's snub nose figured into the conversation that brought us the predecessor to today's popsicle sticks? We may never know. Unless we ask Mike.

Confusion in the market place. Buy the Toft kid!


nathan moore said...

I had one of the Mike Vallely "Barnyard" decks back in 1991, that a friend of mine gave me. I skated the hell out of that thing on Nantucket Island where we lived at the time. To this day it is still my favorite skateboard. The shape was absolutely perfect; slightly smaller and way cooler than the standard boards of today.

Jeff said...

Right on Nathan! Thanks for stopping by!