Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Speed Wheels and the damage done

Fish tail spoon nose curb crusher.

OJ II Street Razor 60mm 95a from Marc's Board Shop.


Johnny said...

Hey Jeff, it's Johnny - your blog is lookin great this summer brutha!

Hey where did you get this deck?
I really dig that shape.
I'm all sorts of into the 1990-1991 shape thing.

Jeff said...

Johnny! The more I ride this board, the more I like it! It's time switch to the Stage XI hangers though, especially after reading the reviews at SIMLTS. I have, for years now, attributed the top washer bite on the hanger yoke as inevitable. Now I know better. As for this deck, it was an eBay find, most more than likely not a domestic product, but for the price I refused to pass it up! Thanks for stopping by man, stay in touch.

skateboard said...

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