Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Common Criminals: The Anthology of Stoke

We skateboarders are a diverse and opinionated lot, each of us with our very own story about how a seven-ply maple plank with four urethane wheels forever changed our lives. Sometimes these stories get collected and shared, and David Thornton's Common Criminals: The Anthology of Stoke is one of those extraordinary collections.

Thornton, a father, executive chef, freelance writer, and skater, compiled the short stories of a dozen skaters with his own anecdotes and narratives. The result of his effort is an interesting and enjoyable medley of skateboarders "talking story" about their favorite pastime. Common Criminals contains adventurous tales of searching for backyard pools, recountings of lifetimes spent on board in pursuit of the stoke, and testimonials of aging lifers who live to skate and skate to live. Thornton and his contributor's stories are unique and are presented in diverse writing styles ranging from stream of consciousness, to memoir, to the informal essay, ensuring the reader something interesting with the beginning of each new tale.

To get a copy in your hands (or on your Kindle) order here and begin reading this book.

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