Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Anodized Independent Trucks

I've seen a lot pictures lately of old Independent Trucks on the social network. Here's my contribution, not as old as some, but 20 years ago I gave these to a good friend. Today he gave them back. Right on. Stage 5 anodized 159s.


Kraston said...

That is awesome that he still had them and sent them back to you. When I was at my parents house back in Nebraska last year, in my closet was one Thunder truck. Just one, it was odd and I have no memory about it...I mainly remember my plastic baseplate Tracker Trucks from back then...I think they stood out because they were the latest fad in lightening up your trucks and the baseplates kept breaking on me! I should of stuck with Indys! :)

Jeff said...

LOL! My first board came equipped with Gullwings, then I switched to Tracker Ultra Lights with the plastic baseplates, always stressed them by over tightening my mounting hardware and they would break. Plus the foul, dreaded axle slip problem. I rode Thunders and Ventures too!