Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jeff's Best of 2012

1. Localism
Skateboarding may have been born in California but it lives all over the world. 2012 has seen more and more "local" skater-owned companies and small batch workshops popping up everywhere from the East Coast to the Mid-Atlantic. Check out Fickle Boards and What Luck? Skateboards "Mid West x Blue Collar" collaboration to see what I'm talking about, and check out Green Issue, Shipyard Skates, and Coalition Skateboards too.

2. Charity
Skaters are a generous lot. We help one another out when the chips are down and organize events for good causes. Think What Luck? and their "Re-Kruzer" program which saw old used decks being cut down to cruisers which were donated to children's homes, or Tom Sloan's PUSH To End Alzheimer's which, now in its third year, raised over two-thousand dollars for the Alzheimer's Association this year.

3. Winning
I enter every "giveaway" contest I can. Primarily because I'm broke and I have some good luck when it comes to these things. This year alone I managed to win an autographed DOGTOWN deck and a prize package from Portland Oregon's Daddies Board Shop. I'll take it. Thanks to each and every one of you who takes the time to stop by and browse pics and read my ramblings. You guys are the true reward.

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