Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Schmitt Stix

Some real gems on this one. I had both the Bryce Kanights (same green stain as pictured) and the Rip Saw 2. Thanks to Galactic Grappler for the tip.


Kris Gurley said...

One friend of mine must have had three of those Chris Millers and another friend had the Hans Lindgren FS deck. My all time faves came a little later, the two Andy Howell models were the best boards I have ever skated. If that Flaming 8ball board wasn't so fricken expensive(when you can find one)I'd be riding one today.

Also, who doesn't lust after a set of SS radials?

Jeff said...

Nice! I'd still rock one of those BK decks too Kris! Thanks for stopping by.