Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Uncle Wiggley Skateboards

Started in 1983 by Doug Ring then later becoming business partners with Swedish pro skateboarder Tony Magnusson, the company produced boards built with the epoxy/glass construction method. Aluminum rivets were insserted into the noses of most models to help prevent nose delamination. UWS was later known for the deep concave with molds hand built by Tmag (Hell Concave). All decks were pressed in hydraulic presses in a small shop off Miramar Road in San Diego, the boards were popular with the locals. Notable skaters who worked there were over the years Steve Steadham, Reese Simpson, Dan Sturt(photog), and Dave Bedore. Other brands pressed in the UWS shop were Sure Grip International, Blockhead, and early H-Street. (Info from the Uncle Wiggley facebook page.)
Top view.


FanMan said...

Boards were not made in hydraulic presses but were made in presses that were hand torqued to spec.Thats in the early 80,s.They also made sims snowboards starting with the first swallow tail board.That was totally hand made and same hand torqued press.The swallow tail sims snowboard was in the movie view to a kill.Made in cal.Riddin by Steve Link of colorado.Hope this helps as I was employed by UWS in early 80,s

Jeff said...

Awesome FanMan! Thank you for the insight, so RAD!