Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lonnie Toft and the Outrageous Eight

"Sometime in approx. 1972, Toft and his brother concieved the idea for the first 8 wheeled skateboard. The first one was made from unfinished plywood, clay wheels and roller skate trucks. By 1976 the design had progressed to a 20" x 28" deck, Sims wheels and Bennet trucks. The deck was finished with shag carpetting, outragoues engraving and hand-painted Lonnie Toft trademarks.When Sims finally released the Lonnie Toft model 8-wheeler, the first production 8 wheeler ever, it was 13.4" x 29", .425" thick made from Canadian rock maple laminate with graphite. The width at the tail was 12.9", the kick lift 1.05" and it weighed 4.5 lbs."
Source - 7 Wheels Out.

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