Friday, December 23, 2011

Jeff's Best of 2011

1. Pocket Pistols.
Their decision to produce a 36" Duane Peters board with an 18" wheelbase was a wise one. "It's like a big skateboard." No shit.

2.The return of Assault Skateboards.
From Punk Points to popsicle sticks, with deck models from up and coming pros and functional unique shapes from well seasoned veteran pro skaters including Matt Hensley, Ricky Winsor, and Mark Heintzman. In 2011, Assault has gone from Ned shaping boards in the garage to a full production company with quality decks handcrafted in SoCal U.S.A. featuring hand screened graphics. The Assault store has expanded to carry hats, hoodies, hardware, and more. I'm looking forward to the shovel nose in 2012!

3. The PUSH to End Alzheimer's.
This charitable event raised over $2000 in 2011 as over 20 skaters and member's of local roller derby squads showed up to skate in the rain.

4. Collaborative Efforts.
Legion Skateboards teamed up with Red Curbs and produced "Red Curb Wax", while also introducing Frankie Hill's Bulldog Bolts and Bill Danforth signature mounting hardware as well.

5. The Milton Mile.
Organized by Marc's Board Shop, this one mile push race was held just before the fall parade, allowing skaters to show case their racing talents before a captive audience of gawking spectators. A fun event that will hopefully become a tradition.

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