Saturday, July 2, 2011

SPIKES by Assault Skates

Ned at Assault Skates came up with the idea for mounting hardware with a fatter head after a conversation with friends complaining about their bolts countersinking into their decks. Assault SPIKES have a fatter Phillips head that will prevent this problem.

The red bolt (pictured below on the left) is an example of traditional sized mounting hardware. The one on the right is a Spike prototype. Ned told me "They have the bigger head so they dont get sucked halfway through your board. Come with 8 bolts, 8 lock nuts and a ASSAULT sticker. The label is made out of old punk flyers. Nothing really special about these bastards other than they keep your trucks on!" Available in 1" to allow for no riser, or to fit an 1/8" riser (Ned's favorite) or 1.25" to allow for a 1/4" riser (my favorite, usually coupled with 60mm wheels). Now Go Skate!

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