Saturday, June 11, 2011

Testing and Evaluation

3 of the 4 sets of wheels I received from NHS for testing and evaluation. Not pictured are the 60mm "That's Life" which I found to be too narrow and hard for my liking, but to each his own.

Marc and I were talking about wheels a few days ago and he said one of his favorite wheels was the 60mm 90a Rat Bones Re-Issue. I rode the 60mm 85a Rat Bones for quite a while and found them to be pretty much perfect for most of the terrain I ride though they were a little soft for the park. The 90a is most more than likely the perfect durometer as it would be soft enough for street and hard enough for park skating.
Tim Piumarta at NHS was cool enough to send me a few sets of wheels for testing and evaluation and he kicked in these 58mm 87a Keyframe OJ III wheels "just for fun". Tim most know what I like to ride because 87a is perfect for the streets of Charleston, WV. If I were riding smooth concrete parks, then I would ride a 97a (I have 58mm 97a OJ III wheels on my park board). However, for the rougher concrete of the curb and bank spots I frequent, I have found a slightly softer wheel to be the perfect fit. That's why I have ridden Accel's Rock and Roll Budget Series 60mm 85a wheels for so long. Center set bearings for even wear and a formula that is neither too soft nor too hard for the streets. Performance report to follow after tonight's session.


iSapien 1956672 said...

Hell yeah, haven't seen those "Team Riders" in forever...

Jeff said...

They nice and large, the way I like 'em! 61mm of goodness!