Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Confusion In The Marketplace

Wheel shopping can make your head spin. I know what I like, that's the easy part (58mm or 60mm). The difficult part is deciding which wheels to spend your hard earned money on. Today, I look at five choices of urethane for the next deck I'm setting up.
Powell-Peralta Re-Issue Rat Bones. 60mm 90a. Not too hard, not too soft. I've ridden this wheel in both 97a and 85a and feel that the 90a would probably be the perfect durometer for park and street. The only drawback is that these wheels do not feature a center set bearing which I have grown to like recently. Also, with the width of the Rat Bones comes added weight. Can't win them all.

OJ Wheels Power Riders, 60mm 101a. I received a set of these directly from NHS. I am VERY anxious to try them and imagine they are quite fast. My only reservation is that they are white, and while white wheels are the most pure urethane and most true durometer, they also turn yellow. Not a fan of white wheels because of the jaundice factor, but these will probably end up on a set up soon.

O.K., here we go. The Santa Cruz Bullet "Church Glass". A 60mm wheel that is 95a durometer. Perfect for street or park I'm sure, and they are already yellow!

The Vision Blur. A nice center set bearing configuration but softer than I would like at 85a (not sure how they would slide, and I like to slide). Otherwise appealing as they are available in assorted colors, including this OJ like orange.

And finally we have the Accel 60mm 85a Rock and Roller Budget Series wheel. I am currently riding a set of these in green and they have held up over three years. More than I can say for others. Center set bearing is a plus as is the fact that the green ones don't ride like an 85a, they feel more like a 90a.

I've also looked at wheels from Spitfire and Landshark. I like a lot of what I see but have a hard time making decisions. Stay tuned to see what happens when I set up a new Assault 8.5 Pointer. It's hard to tell which wheels will make the cut but chances are they will the ones I already have (OJ Power Riders) or the most inexpensive ones (Rock and Rollers). I like the price point on the Accel wheels, almost two for one when compared to others.

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