Thursday, May 5, 2011

NOS Z-Flex Stick On Rails

Marc sent me these NOS Z-Flex Stick On Rails. They are adhevisive backed rails that eliminate the need for woodscrews.

"It was like having two extra wheels." I imagine it was as heavy as having an extra skateboard by the looks of them but Z-Rollers claimed the trucks would grind anything. Well you weren't grinding, you were rolling. Z-rolling.


Sick views of a sick mind. said...

That is pretty weak of Z-flex, but I would have given 'em a shot.

Jeff said...

Yeah, weak and weird, almost a novelty item! Marc just gave them to me, I was even going to stick them on a board but then said "fuck that", they're way more cool just piled up with all of my other junk. Now if we could just find some of those heavy ass Z-Roller Trucks!