Monday, May 9, 2011

New Assault Decks Shipping Soon!

Assault Skates Mark Heintzman. The decks are at Screamin' and will be ready soon. The Heintzman measures 9.625" by 32" with a dual wheel base of 14.25" or 15".

Ricky Winsor Dead Point Chop Tail at 9" by 33.25" and boasting a wheel base of 15.25". 7" nose and 6.75" tail. Curb Killer!

The new Assault Pointer 8.5" by 32.5" with a wheelbase of 14.25". 7" nose and 6.625" tail. The nose is more full, less tapered than the first run.

KREEP Concave detail. It's DEEP.

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