Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Assault Skates Dis Claimer

Assault Skates is in no way, shape, or form associated with a company using the same name that sells decks via Zazzle.

Assault Skates was started in 1989 in a garage in San Diego and is the brainchild, intellectual property, and invention of one Mr. Ned Hadden, a hardcore Vista, California local who resides in SoCal to this day. That being said we will begin our history lesson for those of you with no sense of skateboarding history prior to say... 1999.

Exhibit A, one Mr. John Drake, Assault team rider from the get go, pictured here mid blunt at Front Street, Dayton, OH prior to his tenure as a pro rider at Alien Workshop.

Exhibit B, a collage of various Assault ads and pics of Ned which were snapped by Mark Heintzman, and a sticker, circa 1990. "If you would like to call us and tell us how much you hate us, feel free."

Exhibit C, an original Assault tee featuring Ned's "Punk Baby" aka baby on board graphic from 1989-1990.

Exhibit D, Assault ad featuring Mr. John Drake, again circa 1989-1990.

And finally, I present to you Exhibit E, original Assault artwork from the very talented Stack Aly.

Don't be fooled by imitators, regardless of what they say. Assault Skateboards are pressed and cut in the USA and are screened exclusively by Chicken and the crew at Screaming Squeegees in California. No Chinese junk decks with heat transfer graphics applied in a factory in Mexico (like nearly every other company). If you want a coffee mug with your a picture of your niece screened on it, or a tee shirt with Obama's birth certificate, then check out Zazzle. If you want an original Assault Skateboard, then look no further. Read it, learn it, live it.,

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