Saturday, May 28, 2011

Assault Skateboards Ricky Winsor SSD

Top view of the Assault Skateboards Ricky Winsor SSD Dead Point Chop Tail. This board is QUALITY! I was stoked on the first run of Assault decks to say the least, but to be honest, Ned out did himself on this second run. The decks feature a stained top layer and a colored middle ply as well. A kid at the park asked me if it was a cruiser. I wanted to poke him with it and say "Do I look like I'm cruising?" But I refrained. Little kook.

At 9" by 33.25", you can rock this deck with 149mm or 169mm trucks. The wheel base is 15.25" and sports a 7" nose and 6.75" tail.

Fakie to tail slide. I don't speak switch but I do push mongo fakie. So what.

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