Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming Soon

Assault Skateboards is stoked to announce the upcoming release of 8" two-tone popsicle stick deck along with the 9" x 33" Ricky Winsor SSD/DEAD POINT/CHOP TAIL boasting a 15.125" wheelbase, along with the highly anticipated 9.25" x 32" Mark Heintzman ketchup deck!
Hardcore skaters young and old will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that is going in to the production of these decks. Made in Southern California by skaters for skaters, the Winsor and Heintzman will be a treat for collectors and for those of us who like to ride boards with great shapes and deep concave. Versatile skaters who like the ambidextrous popsicle stick shape will find the 8" two-tone perfect for street, park, or pool.
I'll be posting pics as they become available.

This is my speculation as to the shape of the Heintzman but the production people at Assault are being very tight lipped.

Long Live The Dirty Sac! Sacramento Skate Damage Rick Winsor deck is in the works. Pictured here is the original that started it all.

The "Heintzovich" Mark Heintzman/Kris Markovich mash up from G&S from back in the day.

The Heintzman ketchup shuffle from the era that gave us the popsicle of today.

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