Wednesday, September 3, 2008


In a bid to put "Trollston" on the map the city and county have decided that the Coonskin Skatepark will be closed to skaters from Monday, September 8, through Friday, September 19th. ESPN will be there on September 13 for the World's Strongest Man Competion. You may recall that Charleston native Phil Pfister won this back in 2006. All I recall is that Phil had a half pipe when we were 15 years old.


Marc's Board Shop said...

I hope they are not having the strongman contest in the park. Wouldn't the the heavy steel weights they drop do damage to the perfectly smooth pavement? We don't want that.

Marc's Board Shop said...

It look like they are having the overhead lift and the car lift at the sk8park. We really need to stop this before they destroy the sk8park concrete.