Monday, September 15, 2008

More Shapes of Things to Come

I've been riding the same shape for quite a while. 10x33 punk point nose with a square tail. I like that board a lot but have decided to switch it up a little. I'm opting for the 9x32 "Knox" shape while the Grom is eyeballing the coffin shape.
Get them while you can at


Marc's Board Shop said...

Eastbuilt rules, I may get some graphic decks for the new company I'm starting *** Nitro Boards , or should I call it Slash Skates************

Marc's Board Shop said...

Or maybe I can get graphics done for the Marc "Freestyle" Fuentes new era freestyle deck

David Thornton said...

Have you seen that Eastbilt is out of business!!! Bums me out.

I'm going to cut a coffin shape for my next "street board."

Jeff said...

Yes DT! I even heard they were selling off their presses. I am still riding a "Knox" shape w/149s and holding on to a "street" shape deck of theirs too.