Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coonskin Is Open!

This is old news to those of you who have been to the skatepark since Saturday but Coonskin is open with some notable improvements to the parking lot (new gravel, treated lumber border, mulch) and the swampy ditch has been filled in with rocks. The swamp has claimed many boards so hopefully the rocks will cut down on the amount of water that collects in that area. Thanks to the Kanawha County Parks and Recreation Board for keeping the only FREE skatepark in the Valley up and running.
Backside Smith Grind and Ollie to fakie as photographed by my Wife Emily Hope.


Marc's Board Shop said...

Free is great!! Paying to skate is just plain wrong, lol

Jeff said...

Well, if I have to I will. Maybe. Like in the winter when it's wet outside. I hate $$$.