Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Boarding House

No, it's not a hippie youth hostel but feel free to stop by and shake you locks and pick up a skate with a shape that rocks and argyle or camo socks! Morgantown WV's The Boarding House is fully loaded with a variety of boards to meet the needs of any skater. From straight up street bangers for dropping hammers to cruisers suitable for bombing hills and running cones they've got it all. Wheels of every size grace the glass case like candy behind the counter in some kid's dream. If you are in the Morgantown area pay these kids a visit at 223 Fayette Street. You'll be glad you did.


Marc's Board Shop said...

Nice Shop

Anonymous said...

That shop is really nice and they have some MADDD rippers up there. Watch out for a kid named Kurt, 14 years old, and can keep up with Zach from pawnshop lol.