Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Slam a HUGE Success!

Despite the fact that Eli's photos have the wrong date on them I can assure you that they were taken today.

Skateboarding events in the state of West Virginia don't get much better than this. This year's event was sponsored by Pawnshop Skateboards and Marc's Board Shop and drew skaters from across the Mountain State. There were 4 Teams on hand and the events included contests on the street course (which consisted of two very nice quarter pipes and some bank ramps, rails and box) and some slalom racing as well. Big Thanks to Brian at Pawnshop and Marc of Marc's Board Shop as well as R. Mac for being an awesome MC, Andy for the killer paint job on the ramps, Cary for just being Cary, CDub and the Apathetic Delusion Team, Matt and big Ron for representing the 30 something and up crowd, Phil, the guy working the grill, Coon, Mongo, Andrew, Morgan, the tons of friends I got to talk to today, and of course to my wife for keeping the slalom course clear when we were running the cones! Photos by Eli and Emily Hope Haynes.


Jackie said...

Hate that I missed this! I was hoping it would be planned around me... ;)

Great pics though, and it looks like a blast! And is that the Big Ronnie I know?!? If it is, that's just one more reason I wish Ida been there :D

Jeff said...

YES! THE BIG RONNIE! He represented the old school for sure!!!
A few familiar faces from the past and a whole new generation of rippers...
I am getting OLD!